Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something new, something old

Christmas report

I spent Christmas holidays with my boyfriend and his family in Sweden. He's a Swedish :) This was very first time for me to spend holidays with some other people rather than my family, and it was a strange feeling. I enjoyed it of course, but it was different.

Before traveling I was thinking a lot about the presents and what should I buy to whom. I didn't know them so well. At the end I bought some fancy chocolates to his parents and his granama, and my boyfriend got something more personal, aka as plates :) :)

On the other hand I've got really nice things this Christmas.

My boyfriends parents bought me one cool blanket saying that I will need it cause I always feel cold. Haha, it's really cute:

From my honey I got Mini IPad, and although I am not an 'apple' person, I really enjoy using it:
But the coolest thing was when my boyfriends mom wanted me to try some of her clothes worn before 1979, before she got her first child. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but then I enjoyed a little fashion show. I got some of her things as a gift, and I promised to wear them.
I think these dresses are beautiful, and it is amazing how fashion can survive after so many years.

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